013 - Sanjeev Lakhanpal & Dr Paul Netherwood of Horizon3 Investment Management (Part II)

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Digital Signals in the Noise Part 2 of 2

In this insightful second episode with Horizon3, Sanj and Paul delve into the complexities of systematic trading and the evolving landscape of the financial markets. The discussion kicks off with a critical look at traditional trading dogmas, emphasizing the importance of diversification and the challenges faced in adapting strategies to the dynamic post-Global Financial Crisis environment. The conversation then pivots to a nuanced analysis of current macroeconomic trends, focusing on the implications of central bank policies, the nuances of inflation, and the need to move beyond conventional wisdom in risk management.

As the episode progresses, listeners are treated to an in-depth exploration of Horizon3's unique trading model, highlighting the integration of advanced risk controls, pattern recognition, and digital signal processing. This is followed by a compelling segment on the potential impact of quantum computing on financial markets. The speakers share their macroeconomic outlook, predicting a severe recession and a resurgence of inflation, urging investors to be strategic in their approach. The episode concludes with a teaser about Horizon3's upcoming initiatives and technological innovations, inviting listeners to stay updated through their website and LinkedIn. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of trading and investment in today's rapidly shifting economic landscape.

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